Why should you fly in a hot air balloon?

Over the years we have run into many people who are afraid to go for a flight in a hot air balloon for one reason or another. Many of those fears tie to one thing, heights. Our chief pilot is every afraid of heights! Much of it comes down to perspective however. The thing holding us up in the air; a balloon, a ladder, a chair, a building, etc, is the difference between feeling safe and being terrified. We know we can talk to people till we are blue in the face that a hot air balloon is one of the steadiest observation platform available, but they just will not fly due to that innate fear. Those who have flown with us know just how right we are about hot air ballooning not being scary. With that we have come up with some reasons you should conquer those fears of heights.

The views
Hot Air Balloons offer an incredible vantage point to appreciate hot beautiful the land is below. Even with Indiana being nothing but corn and beans you will find out that there is much more to see when flying in the balloon. On very clear days we can make out Chicago and lake Michigan. In the early fall the sun is perfect to glint off the golden dome of Notre Dame stadium in South Bend. Even when we contour fly seeing deer and turkeys from above is a fun sight.

Realizing a bucket list item:
When thinking of Hot Air Balloons, many passengers mention their bucket list. Some of us use hot air ballooning as a hobby while others fly regularly. The sense of fulfillment when you finally get to fly in a hot air balloon is incomparable to anything else. You will always remember your first flight no matter what age you are when you get to fly first.

The best way to overcome a fear of heights:
Think we are wrong? Hot Air Balloon flights over Indiana are nothing like walking onto a balcony or staring out the window of an airplane. The ascent is gentle and slow, you will not even realize you are off the ground at first. You do not have the sensation of vertigo. You always have beautiful views in front of you so you do not have to stare down at the ground. There is not motor noise from an engine to contend with, no shaking, or turbulence. It really is the best way to overcome vertigo or the fear of heights!

Looking for the ultimate romantic experience? Nothing could possibly beat the intimate nature of hot air ballooning. Baskets are not all that big so you get to have your love one up close as you both watch the world around you. For the hopeless romantics, what a better way to pop the question?

Sunrise and light fog:
We launch when the first sun rays are peaking out on the horizon. You get to watch the world wake up around you as you start your day off up in the air about Indiana. Light fog on the ground in the distance add to the romantic nature of sunrise as the sun bounces off the clouds. It makes for a breathtaking view that few will every forget.

Hopefully you realize that hot air ballooning is not a scary horrible thing and is actually very enjoyable and breathtaking at the same time. Ready to fly? Book a ride with us today!