Tethered Rides

Perfect way to “Spice up” your event, company get together, Party, etc.

A tethered ride is where our hot air balloon is anchored to the ground.  We take off and land in the same spot over and over again
providing a short ride for your guests in a real hot air balloon. During a two hour tether we can get 100-130 passengers into the air for a memory they will not forget.

A hot air balloon tether requires a large open area to operate from. For events that we travel to, we will require the use of 1-2 vehicles to use as anchor points. Tethers are extremely weather dependent.  In many cases they require stricter weather minimum than a regular flight to be conducted safely. With safety being our utmost concern, all ballooning activities take place in the morning or evening so that the winds are at their calmest and we avoid any thermals. Tethers are always a hit at any event that we go to and you will love seeing all of your guests smiling after their flight.

Rates & Pricing

Tether pricing changes based on a number of different factors including, location, number of guests to go up, and desired flight time.  We will work with you and your event to make sure your tether is a success.  We typically charge two different ways.

#1: We charge a setup fee for the event and then charge each rider to go up into the balloon

#2: We charge a flat hourly rate to the event.

Please get in contact with us to see how tethers can help your event!  For a quote, call us at any time 574-780-4560 or fill out the form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.