Looking for something unique and interesting to bring to your event? Michiana Balloon Rides has just the thing for you.  We have many options to fit any event budget and need.  All we need is a space big enough for the balloon and, as any event organizer hopes for, good weather. 

Balloons operate when the winds are at their lightest, which means we setup two hours before sunset or at sunrise and go till two hours after sunrise. During the day it is unsafe to operate a balloon, and we are very safety conscious.  We will not push the weather and have conservative operating limitations. We have full balloon insurance and can easily name your event under our policy.

We offer different opportunities for events:

Balloon flight ($500-$900+travel): Show off the true awe of flight as we fly over the area from your event.  We take 2 to 4 passengers from your event with the pilot. These can be sponsors, event board members, or even raffle ticket winners. 

Balloon Glow ($450+travel): We come to your event and setup a static display.  When the sun goes down we use our burner to light up the sky in beautiful colors.  The crowd loves this display of light at night.  This can be combined with the flight at a discount.

Balloon Tether (Contact us for quote): A tethered ride is where our hot air balloon is anchored to the ground.  We take off and land in the same spot over and over again
providing a short ride for your guests in a real hot air balloon. During a two hour tether we can get 100-130 passengers into the air for a memory they will not forget.

Balloon Festival:  We will work closely with you to create a full balloon festival with multiple balloons.  Contact us for logistic and cost information.