Perfect for companies looking to advertise their business.  Join the ranks of Re/Max, 811, Touchstone Energy, Energizer, Ben & Jerry’s, Pepsi, Coke, and many others. Put your advertisement on a Hot Air Balloon! 
These hot air balloon banners are more effective than billboards because we are something people will remember.  How many people take a photograph of a billboard and post the picture to social media for their friends to see?  The answer is simple; not many. Whereas every flight we do our hot air balloon is photographed by those watching on the ground and shared on their social media. Thus reaching many more potential customers. 
We provide different types of advertising.  We can work to meet your budget and fulfill what you want for your business advertising. We can form a local campaign within Indiana or travel out of state. Call 574-780-4560 or email us for pricing!
Examples of what we can do for you:

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