Looking for a way to enjoy Hot Air Ballooning but not sure if you want to fly?  Come crew for us!

Regular crew members do earn a chance to fly with us for a flight.  If you decide not to fly we do provide compensation per flight as well.  Flights last roughly 3 hours and are weekend mornings and weekday/weekend evenings.  You do not have to crew for every flight, just pick and choose which ones you would be available for and come join us!

If you are wondering what all goes into crewing, our friends at the Cazooee Balloon Team have put together an excellent crew training page, just click here to check it out. 

If Crewing seems like something you would like to do please do not hesitate to contact Brian at 574-780-4560  or send us a message below and we will get you out to a flight to see if it is something you would like join us for.