Join Us For The Adventure
Of A Lifetime!

Enjoy The Quietest, Calmest, Form of Aviation!

Passenger Flights

We offer shared or private flights that are the perfect way for 1-5 people to enjoy a beautiful morning or evening. Total flight time ranges between 45 min and an hour. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, bucket-lists, etc. 

Tethered Rides

Perfect for a large party or event! Tethers give everyone the taste of flight while attracting a lot of attention! 

Parties, Festivals, Etc

Looking for something unique and interesting to bring to your Party, Festival, or School? Why not A Hot Air Balloon?  We have many options to fit any budget and need. 

Covid-19 Update

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has upended all of our lives. As an aircraft operator we abide by Federal regulations, which have not grounded flights of any kind. However, as a business based in Indiana we decided not to fly during the stay at home order. With the recent update for opening the state of Indiana back up, we have resumed passenger flights. However, we will follow some guidelines for flights. All shared flights at the beginning of the flying season will be flown as private flights with families of up to four people at no extra charge.

In addition, all of our crew members and pilots will be actively monitored for any signs of the virus. All of our balloon equipment and vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized after every flight for everyone’s safety. Masks will be worn by the pilot and crew. We will also work with all land owners to keep them safe while we pack up from our flight.

Take a break from worrying about the virus this summer and enjoy the beautiful landscape Northern Indiana has to offer!

Jenni B
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I surprised my hubby with a hot air balloon ride for our anniversary this year. We had SUCH a great time!! Brian and his crew are so nice, fun, friendly and knowledgeable about flying and keeping everyone safe. Would definitely recommend this company!!!
Andy A
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Our balloon ride was a wonderful experience! Brian was very knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. It was our first balloon ride and we highly recommend it and look forward to going again. Many thanks to Brian and crew for such a memorable evening!
Amanda W
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This was the BEST birthday gift! I can not even express how magical this truly was. Definitely doing this again. Very friendly crew with great knowledge! Thank you for the experience!!